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The new album "When lights fade…" will be released on June 8 and it will be available as hardcopy CD for 12 euro (without shipping costs!) and can be ordered on this website with "Contactbutton". Of course the album will also be available on Spotify, I-tunes, Apple music, Deezer, Amazon etc. The first single, "Don't tell me" is released already and available on the same digital media! The song gets it's first radio-airplay at this moment on several radio stations.


In December 2016 Jörgen decided to stop with Blueminded as a band and to continue Blueminded as a music project of his own again, back to how he once started. He continues writing songs, which are recorded later in 2017 and will be released in spring 2018 on a new album called "When lights fade...". Whether there will be live gigs again is yet unknown and will be decided in the future, depending on if there are enough interesting possibilities to perform with a live band.


Recently our leadsinger Rob and bassplayer Franco decided to leave the band to follow their own musical path. Of course we wish them all the best in their musical career and thank them for the contribution to and collaboration with the band the last years.However...... we're very glad to announce our two new members.. Singer Erik Maas and bassplayer Nick McGrath. Both experienced and talented musicians as Erik played in several coverbands and still performs solo accompanied by only his acoustic guitar, while Nick is a professional bassplayer that has been of an added value for many professional bands in the past such as the well known "Action in DC"-tributeband and "Alize". More information about Nick can also be found on his website is now complete and on full speed again! 


We’re glad to announce that on Sunday April 10 we will present our new album “Seize the day” for the first time to public. Our gig will start 8 p.m. at livecafe Woetsjtok (Rumpenerstraat 84, Brunssum, The Netherlands) and we’ll play all the tracks of our new album. The CD will be available for sale at the venue after the show or online starting from 11th April.


Last week December 8 2015 we signed a recorddeal with young Belgian recordlabel Galactik Records! Of course we’re very happy with this deal. At the beginning of 2016 our first single from our upcoming CD (titled “Seize the day”) will be released through this label. Later on in 2016 the complete CD will be released. Also  there will be an interview in Fireworks rockmagazine very soon with our guitarplayer/composer Jörgen.


Drumrecordings took place on August 13 and 14 last week in Artsoundstudio in Belgium, where we also recorded our first EP, again with producer J.P. Kerkhofs producing and mixing our songs. Recordings went very well and at the end of September/start of October 2015 we will be recording  the rest of the band. Together with the 4 tracks of our first EP we will release the 8 new tracks as our first complete CD later on. 


Our newest videoclip for the song “Move On” can be found on Youtube and of course in our video section right now! In august 2015 we will start recording some new songs, which we will release as a complete CD together with the 4 songs from our first EP! More info to come!