Blueminded is a (symphonic) rock band from the far south of the Netherlands. The band plays its own music and was founded in 2012 by Jörgen Koenen. 

At the age of 13, Jörgen was already writing his own music with his guitar and a simple 4-track Tascam recorder from his dad (who was also a musician). A few years later, like many musicians, he started playing live music in cover bands. After playing in cover bands for a while, the urge and desire to write his own music resurfaced so from 2011 Jörgen was again writing his own material but this time with a clear vision of the sound he wanted to create. 

He recorded the basic form of a number of songs and asked fellow musicians, known from bands such as Volumia, Het Goede Doel, Vandale, Guess Who!, Time Machine, and The Crox, to further develop his demos, record them and perform them on stage. 

Blueminded’s music is inspired by artists and bands such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police, U2, Genesis, Simple Minds, Coldplay, Mr. Mister and Muse.
The band makes passionate, often melancholic, music that navigates between pop and (prog) rock, combining the atmosphere of the better pop/rock music from the 1980’s with contemporary sounds. Partly thanks to the creative ideas of all members, this eventually created a completely unique and recognizable band sound of their own.

From 2014 - present:
In April 2014, Blueminded released their first EP and in the following years three full-length albums followed: “Seize the Day”, “When Lights Fade…” and “Break the Silence”. The band received many great reactions and reviews from The Netherlands and abroad.The first gigs followed soon after the release of their first EP. The band played at festivals with big names such as UB40, Het Goede Doel, etc. The band also played single gigs and at radio programs of L1 and radio Veronica, among others, at the famous Countdown Cafe of and with Kees Baars. 

After a forced break of 2 years due to Covid-19, Blueminded is finally playing live again, currently focusing mainly on the promotion of their latest album “Break the Silence”. This album was released on May 27, with their song “Walk the Line” as the first single.


Band members:

Rob Rompen – vocals

Jörgen Koenen – guitar, backing vocals

Bjorn Koenen - guitar

Richard Ritterbeeks – bass guitar, backing vocals

Michiel Hartholt – keyboards, backing vocals

Mischa Aussems – drums



EP Blue Minded (2014)

Seize the day (2016)

When lights fade... (2018)

Break the Silence (2022)



Jörgen Koenen

Phone. +31652036963

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.