Blueminded is a Dutch Pop/Rock band, founded in 2012 by guitarist and composer Jörgen Koenen.  As he had been recording his own songs at home, he had the desire to bring these compositions to life and record these songs in a professional studio.  Jörgen contacted some experienced musicians/friends and Blueminded was created…

The combination of the 80’s pop/rock and modern contemporary styles makes the band’s sound unique and recognizable. Their influence derives from music of Pop/Rock artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police, U2, Genesis, Coldplay, Kane and Muse.

Vocalist Erik brings with his warm voice, passion and devotion the best out of the songs. Besides taking care of the business and management part of the band, Jörgen blends his guitar work perfectly well with the subtle and beautiful tones of keyboardist Loek. Bassist Nickcan play hard pumping rock as well as groovy bass lines. And last but not least, drummer Sander makes a solid base for the rest of the band. All these gifted musicians mixed together create the perfect match for the original distinctive sound of Blueminded!


Erik Maas  -  Vocals, rhythm guitar

Jörgen Koenen  -  Rhythm/ lead guitar, backing vocals

Nick McGrath  -  Bass guitar, backing vocals

Loek Aalders  -  Keyboard, backing vocals

Sander  Korff  -  Drums