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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 00:00

Blueminded is a new Dutch Pop/Rock band that plays self written songs. The band has been established in 2012 by guitarist Jörgen Koenen, who also writes all the songs. The idea for the band formed when he wanted to take his home demo’s and make something professional out of them. He then contacted some of his friends who are also very experienced musicians to work on the demo’s, record them and do some live performances. The band’s music is inspired by famous names in the pop/rock music (Like Peter Gabriel, Sting. The Police, U2, Genesis, Coldplay, Kane and Muse). Blueminded makes passionate music and combines the style from 80’s pop/rock music with modern sounds. Through all this the band managed to make a very unique and recognizable sound.

Vocalist Rob has a very warm voice and sings with a lot of passion and emotion, which is essential for the sound of the songs. Guitarist, founder and writer Jörgen takes care of most of the business around the band. His guitar sounds combined with the keyboard make a beautiful sound and sets a very unique and beautiful mood. Keyboardist Loek takes care of the beautiful and subtle tones which support the mood of the music. Bassist Franco can play hard pumping rock but can also lay down some groovy bass lines depending on the mood of the song. And last but not least, Drummer Sander (who joined the band at a later stage because the original drummer, Dennis Meentz couldn’t combine Blueminded with his overflowing agenda.) combined with bassist Franco make sure there is a good solid base for the rest of the band.

Blueminded is:

Rob Rompen     – Vocals, rhythmguitar

Jörgen Koenen  – Rhythm-/leadguitar, backing vocals

Franco Millevoi – Bassguitar, backing vocals

Loek Aalders    – Keys, backing vocals

Sander Korff   – Drums

Update December 13 2015

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 00:00

Last week December 8 2015 we signed a recorddeal with young Belgian recordlabel Galactik Records! Of course we’re very happy with this deal. At the beginning of 2016 our first single from our upcoming CD (titled “Seize the day”) will be released through this label. Later on in 2016 the complete CD will be released. Also  there will be an interview in Fireworks rockmagazine very soon with our guitarplayer/composer Jörgen.

Update July 5 2015 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 00:00

Our newest videoclip for the song “Move On” can be found on Youtube and of course in our video section right now! In august 2015 we will start recording some new songs, which we will release as a complete CD together with the 4 songs from our first EP! More info to come!